Features Of Mercedes

Features Of Mercedes

Mercedes is a German luxury car manufacturer founded in 1926. The company became part of DaimlerAG after World War II and was Benz’s biggest competitor during the 1960s. when the number of Mercedes-Benz cars produced annually reached 250,000 units, Mercedes-Benz has long been known for its safety record and reliability, with fifty years of service on average for each vehicle sold. Mercedes vehicles are now among the most expensive ever produced at about $300,000 for a new model.

Features of Mercedes

1. Comfort

Mercedes is known for their comfort furnished in the car. The main features of comfort in Mercedes is their power steering and suspension. The power steering is to make driving easier for the drivers. It helps the driver to turn around and it also makes the driving smoother. The suspension is also great because it supports all the load in the car. Mercedes is also a good car for long distance road trips. The seats are very comfortable, and you can adjust them by pulling of a tab, so that you can set your own position in the seat.

2. Driving Safety

Mercedes started making safety features when they realized how dangerous cars were becoming on the roads, so they started adding certain features that would protect their consumers when they were on the road. They made the cars safer, driver-oriented and it also protects their customers when they are driving. For example, Mercedes has a very good safety features such as seat belts and their headlights that have LED technology to make them brighter than other headlights. When Mercedes production began, the body of the vehicles were designed by engineers who had experience with land-based vehicles.

3. Luxury

For many years now, Mercedes-Benz is known for its luxurious designs to attract luxurious customers from all over the world. Their cars are used by celebrities and politicians in different countries because it is one of the most luxurious car brands out there today. Mercedes-Benz also has very elegant interiors including their dashboard, the center console and the seats.

4. Quality

The quality of Mercedes is also great and one of the reasons why Mercedes is still in demand today, even though it has became more expensive to own a Mercedes that it was in years ago. Another great quality of Mercedes is that it produces high quality cars, even when they are old like the older models from 2001 up to 2007 which were known for their reliability, high build quality and used materials in their construction. It was built with high standards due to its long history as a company compared to other car companies like Volkswagen or Honda.