Why A Self-Service Car Wash Is Better For Your Car

Why A Self-Service Car Wash Is Better For Your Car

If you get enjoyment from keeping your car clean, do not worry as you are not the only one. Plenty of car owners love to keep their cars clean and make routine visits to their local car wash. What most are not aware of is that not all car washes are good for your car’s paint. Some can even damage the clear coat and cause the paint to age prematurely.

Why Are Conventional Car Washes Bad?

A conventional car wash that everyone is familiar with is the one that has large brushes that you need to drive through. The problem with this type of car wash is that those large brushes that are meant to clean your car are contaminated with dush and small rock chips from other cars. When these brushes rub against the paint, they can lead to fine scratch marks on your clear coat.

Self-Service Car Washes Are Better

A self-service car wash requires you to wash your car manually using a high-pressure power washer. The power washer can switch between rinsing water, soap, foam, and other types of products to help clean your car. This means that you will not need to rub the dirt on your car with a brush and cause more scratches. You only use high-pressure water and detergent to get the dirt off.

The only moment when you may need to use something to rub against the paint is when you want to dry off your car. It is rare to find a self-service car wash that has a blower to remove the water from the car. What you are most likely to do is to use drying microfiber towels. Make sure that these towels are washed after each use. You do not want to have leftover debris, dust, and rock chips rubbing against the paint the next time you go to a car wash.